Embrace sustainability with our eco-friendly disposable wooden cutlery. Perfect for events and gatherings, these utensils offer a convenient and environmentally conscious alternative, adding a touch of nature to your dining experience.

187mm Wooden Curved Spoon

A gracefully curved, 187mm spoon made from wood, offering a stylish and ergonomic design for culinary use.

160mm Disposable Wooden Spoon

An eco-friendly and versatile disposable wooden spoon at 160mm in length.

160mm TDH Wooden Sporks

Eco-friendly disposable sporks by TDH, providing versatile functionality.

140mm Wooden Disposable Fork

A sustainable choice for single-use cutlery at 140mm in length.

Exquisite 160mm Fork

Elevate your dining experience with this versatile cutlery, perfect for enjoying desserts, dinners, fruits, and fondue in style .

140mm AB Grade Wooden Spoon, Knife, and Fork Set

A high-quality and versatile set of wooden cutlery, perfect for various dining occasions.

140mm A Grade Disposable Wooden Spoons

Eco-friendly and disposable, offering a sustainable choice for various occasions.

114mm Ice Cream Stick

Straight Edge Design" - A convenient and straightforward solution for enjoying your favorite frozen treats.

110mm Disposable Wooden Spoon (Oval)

An eco-friendly and convenient disposable wooden spoon at 110mm.

95mm Belcher Spoon

Disposable Wooden Spoon" - A practical and eco-friendly solution for single-use utensils, measuring 95mm in length.

165mm Kitchen Wooden Knife

A versatile and practical wooden knife for various kitchen tasks, measuring 165mm in length.

95mm Fruit Fork

Disposable Wooden Fork" - A convenient and eco-friendly disposable wooden fork.

75mm Ice-Cream Spoon

Birch Wood - A petite and eco-friendly spoon crafted from birch wood, perfect for savoring your favorite frozen treats.