About Us

At Polypack Enterprises, we’re global specialists in packaging for food and drink, dedicated to making every consumer experience enjoyable, consistent, and safe. We understand that packaging is about so much more than just what goes around a product. It’s about building brands, protecting reputation, and opening up new opportunities in new markets. That’s why we’re on hand, around the world, working as long-term partners with our customers as they develop and grow. Polypack Enterprises has a history dating back to 2016 when it started We operate in 4 countries with over 43.00 employees globally.

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our Mission

we will inspire to create and deliver improved products and services that meet the changing requirements and expectations of our channel partners across the globe with uncompromising integrity & excellence in enhancing our Poly Pack brand.

Our Vision

Where there is food, there is Poly Pack. Let us make an Polypack world. As an innovative, dynamic and reliable Plastic food packaging products Manufacturing Company, Our vision is to stand out as idealperformer in National and International market.

Our Values Innovation

We constantly seek improvement in all aspects of our company to create growth through new products, technologies and process. We follow a culture of sharing new ideas which are pro active to market needs.


We are proud of our solid reputation. We build Trust, keep promises & commitments. We are honest & maintain our ethical Standards.


We take pride in our brand, products and team who are dedicated in delivering superior value & excellence to our customers.

Best Quality

Quality means that the products meet and exceed all requirements, standards and specifications.