Our cake boxes are made of high-quality material. Whether it is a single-tiered delight or a multi-layered box. Our boxes are designed to showcase your cakes with elegance and keep them in spotless condition from your bakery to the celebration.

Cake Boxes (1000 grams)

Secure and stylish packaging for your delectable cakes, ensuring they arrive fresh and delightful.

Cake Boxes (500 grams)

Perfectly sized packaging to preserve the freshness and flavor of your delightful cakes.

Small Cake Boxes

Compact and secure packaging to preserve the sweetness of your delightful treats.

Medium Cake Boxes

Ideal packaging to ensure your delicious cakes stay fresh and presentable, perfect for sharing or savoring.

Cake Boxes (1000 grams) with Window

Showcase your delicious cakes with elegance and freshness through our packaging solutions.

Cake Boxes (500 grams) with Window

Present your delightful cakes in style, combining secure packaging with an enticing view.

1 kg Cake Box with Handle:

Convenient and stylish packaging, making it easy to carry and share your delightful cakes.

Half kg Cake Box with Handle

Convenient and stylish packaging for easy transport and sharing of your delectable half-kilogram cakes.

6 Cupcake Box

Secure and practical packaging to transport and present your delicious cupcakes with ease.

12 Cupcake Box

Convenient and secure packaging for a dozen delightful cupcakes, perfect for sharing or special occasions.

Vertical Partition Box

Organize and secure your items with this innovative vertical partition box, offering efficient storage and transport solutions.