Experience a world of possibilities with Polypack paper boxes designed exclusively for food packaging. Whether you are serving desserts, main courses, or snacks our eco-friendly packaging solutions ensure that your food looks as good as it tastes.

500ml Meal Boxes with Window (16 oz)

Showcase your meals with convenience and style.

500ml (16 oz) Meal Boxes without Window

Ideal for convenient and secure packaging of your meals, ensuring freshness without spilling it.

700ml Meal Boxes, 24 oz

Securely pack and enjoy meals with privacy, no window for added discretion.

1250ml Lunch/Meal Box

Spacious and convenient for packing your substantial meals on the go.

1000ml Lunch/Meal Box

Ideal for packing and enjoying your meals with convenience and ample space.

250ml Lunch/Meal Box

Compact and convenient for a light and easy meal on the go.

500ml Lunch/Meal Box

Perfectly sized for a satisfying and convenient meal on the go.

750ml Lunch/Meal Box

The ideal size for a hearty and convenient meal on the move.